Vivian Pender, MD

A leader, educator and advocate, Vivian Pender, MD, DLFAPA is a practicing psychiatrist trained in psychoanalysis. For more than 20 years, Vivian has been at the forefront of efforts to improve the practice of private and public psychiatry.

Dr. Pender has represented her fellow psychiatrists on both local and national levels. As a past president of the New York District Branch of the APA, she remains a chair of the local Public Affairs Committee, working to ensure that the voices of psychiatrists, patients and their families are represented in healthcare. As a Trustee on the Board of Trustees, she has sought to maintain and promote professional standards.

Dr. Pender believes that organized medicine has the power to make a difference for the greater good, and that the APA can make this difference.

Experienced Leader

Past Representative, APA Assembly

Past Treasurer, APA Political Action Committee

Chair / Member of APA components on:

  • Diversity

  • Health Equity

  • Inclusion and International Psychiatry

Past President, Cornell - Payne Whitney Faculty Council

Member of the American Medical Association

Represents the International Psychoanalytical Association and the APA at the United Nations as a Special Advisor


Strong Advocate

Dr. Pender is a passionate voice advocating for inclusion, diversity and equality.

As a volunteer psychiatrist for 10 years, she treated homeless individuals with mental illness. A strong advocate for victims of domestic violence, she has participated in many asylum applications in Federal Immigration Court.

She was a champion for women when she chaired the NGO Committee on the Status of Women. Vivian was instrumental in the establishment of UN Women, marking a groundbreaking change in the UN’s priorities by addressing the needs of women.

Vivian Pender is also spearheading efforts to address current challenges from non-clinical interest groups.

She believes in building bridges within the profession and that the greatest value comes from consensus.